Q2 2016 CU1 2016 Theme impressions

Discussion created by ingram.annette on Jul 21, 2016
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I just applied the 2016 Theme to our Staging server after upgrading to the CU1 2016.  I have gotten some initial feedback from my boss who now requests that I put everything back. 

Staging after 2016 Theme appliedCustomized Bb on Production
Staging with 2016 Theme.jpgCurrent Bb as a student.jpg

1.  Frame Size:  Default to "Always use large frame." If you change the setting to "Always use

small frame" you lose the titles of the tabs completely.  Too much wasted space - IMO.

1.  Frame Size:  "Always use small frame."  This is already set using the small frames and I

don't lose the titles.

2.  Top frame image: I had to change the image because the location doesn't allow for our

longer image.

2.  Top frame image: Allows for a nice size image compared to tabs.

3.  Tabs: You can't adjust them to be in any other location then on the right.  Login page tabs

that are on the left aren't visible. 

3.  Tabs: Once logged into Bb, our tabs are on the right, but before logging in, the tabs are on the


4.  Top frame colors:  I'm sorry, but I don't like the tab color set to gray. I'm having a difficult time

seeing them and I'm not "color blind." The active tab color of white is fine, but the colors just

don't have enough contrast.  Additionally, you can't change the colors either.  (I tried, even

though the release notes says it isn't compatible.)

4.  Top frame colors: More contrast, customized to our campus colors, active tab is a yellowish

orange with white font.

5.  I did turn off the Course Themes as suggested in the release notes and my boss was not

happy about that.  She teaches and likes the course themes.  She doesn't like the loss of

course themes.

5.  Course themes turned on. 

6.  Generally speaking, the whole top area from the top of the modules to the top of the screen just

feels larger than when we can customize it.  I would prefer that top section take up less

real estate on a screen.  I personally don't like the dark gray border on the left/right side

of the page either. I would eliminate that border all together to allow for the actual page to be wider.


The boss is making me change it all back on Staging to our "original" experience.  I'm ditching the 2016 Theme because she thinks our faculty will not like it, particularly the loss of Course Themes.  She said if we end up ever going to Ultra we will "have to deal with it," but she doesn't want to deal with it until if and when we actually "have to."