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List of OpenDB tables/columns impacted by API call to ScoreVO setExpansionData function

Question asked by jd30500 on Jul 14, 2016
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I filed a BtBb ticket for the following query but was directed here to follow up. I appreciate any advice or direction you can provide:


I am attempting to put together a list of all OpenDB tables/columns affected (written to or inserted into) by an API call to the ScoreVO setExpansionData function via Web Services. I can't find an easy way to search the OpenDB schema for this information and was wondering if there was a way to compile a list of tables involved.


As background, we are on Bb 9.1.201404.160205. We're working with an external party to push a needs-grading flag to grade center cells by setting the ScoreVO expansionData to setStatusToInProgressAndIgnoreGrade=true.


As an example of what I'm trying to accomplish, here are all the tables that are affected by a student discussion post: USERS, COURSE_USERS, COURSE_MAIN, GRADEBOOK_MAIN, GRADEBOOK_GRADE, ATTEMPT, FOUM_REGISTRY, FORUM_MAIN, MSG_MAIN


  • setExpansionData

    public void setExpansionData(java.lang.String[] xexpansionData)

    Set the expansion data

    xexpansionData - the expansionData to set