How to use Gradebook WS in building block as admin/tool

Discussion created by jb31639 on Jul 12, 2016


This question is really about either getting an example of a ws.gradebook call within a building block at admin level (all grades for courses) or suggestions for better way to get Grades *and* Attempts using other APIs? We're on managed hosting with ASR database and October 2015.


I want to get Grades and Attempts for all users on a Course. As far as I can tell the only API available is ws.gradebook. If I write the code outside of Blackboard then all is fine. If I use ws.gradbook in a building block then all is fine. Is it possible to use ws.gradebook (or any web service API) with admin/ tool (not sure I'm using the right terms). I keep getting an error which i think is my permissions/entitlements being correct. I want to get all grades/attempts for a course.


Within a block I'm trying to do something like below which isn't required, I don't think, when it's for a logged in user.

this.cws = blackboard.ws.context.ContextWSFactory



  success = this.cws.loginTool("password",

  "vendor", "progid", "", 5000L);  //I may have prog and vendor ID incorrect here but checked ok in code


Should I be able to do this to get all grades/attempts for a course or is there a better way. My fall-back is to just do this outside of Blackboard using the SOAP based web services. The data.gradebook API doesn't seem to include things like attempt date which is what we want to get for engagement monitoring (in a good way!)


I'm thinking that I could do SQL statements but I'd possibly incorrectly assumed that this would not query our live database. We're on managed hosting and have access to the ASR which doesn't include grades/attempts which we really need for our project.