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Building a custom login page

Question asked by mh21485 on Jul 11, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by nathan.mckean

My institution is currently planning a transition from a self-hosted to a managed hosted environment and we were advised to create a custom login splash page to direct our users to log into either system based on need. I followed the custom login page creation instructions from Blackboard's Help site and am testing out the custom splash page on our self-hosted test server at I set the test server's Gateway Options to the "Gateway" page so that the custom page should appear when you go to that url instead of the tab/module page we usually have in place.

On this new custom login page, I have a link called "Click Here for Summer Courses" that goes to a login form at url: When I go to this page, the login form appears and then a pop-up login alert box appears over it.


Is there a way to have the pop-up login alert not appear? It is possible I've done something wrong since this is new to me, but Blackboard Client support refuses to help me figure this out.

A copy of the custom login page is attached. Any help is appreciated.