Grading Individual Journal and Blog Posts

Discussion created by bc0069315 on Jul 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by marissa.dimino

I would like to see a change in how Learn handles individual journal and blog posts...


Right now if I set up a journal for students, they are able to add multiple entries for the journal.  When grading is enabled, the grade is cumulative for all the journal posts. The same is true for blogs. 


While there is a desire for a total cumulative score, it would be helpful for faculty to have the option to input a grade for each individual post that is then added to the cumulative total.  This would allow faculty to provide an appropriate score and feedback on the student's specific performance on that posting.  Right now, the instructor can use a comment to provide feedback and give the student the score they earned, but they still must go into the Grade entry text box and update the score manually.  This should be an automatic process adding the scores given for each individual entry.  An override option can be provided if desired (similar to what is present for rubrics).