How can we get a calendar overview of deadlines for a group of students for all their courses?

Discussion created by jurgenfd on Jul 8, 2016

For the student's point of view this is of course already possible.

We can also create an account (say "quarter coordinator"; QC) and enlist her for all the courses that this group of students is following; e.g. first years first quarter coordinator. That QC account will be getting a nice exportable agenda showing events and some sorts of deadlines and events. What the QC misses are deadlines for assignments of the type: "Group Submission" as shown in the attached picture.


One solution could be to include the QC in the assignment as an extra group or in each existing group but there are perhaps more elegant work arounds?

Does the BB Learn application provide this kind of functionality in a different way without the requirement of the artificial account(s)?


It would be great to have this overview so the load we put on the students can be better balanced!


Thanks for reading this far, JFD