Does anyone Managed Hosted have an EVA (Entry Verification Assignment) Report already written?

Discussion created by sharon.clucka on Jul 7, 2016

We do not have open database access but we do have ASR.  We are looking for a report preferably pdf format instructors can pull that shows a particular grade book column and when the student actually completed the assignment.  The report should show student name, id and assignment completion.  The  Multi Course User participation Report (or Single Course User participation Reoprt) gives great information but not the detail on a specific assignment we need.  Instructors can of course download the grade book or pull column stats (which is what we do now and screen print) but our auditor would prefer a system report pulled by the admin or a formatted pdf report that can not be modified by users like work/excel could be.   We are considering having MH create one for use depending on the cost. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.  Thanks