blackboard collaborate "restricted access" session shown in scheduling manager to people not on participant list

Discussion created by rd22167 on Jul 6, 2016

Hi All,


I'm working on a group task that will be making use of Blackboard Collaborate. The group members aren't known yet, but I need to setup and configure everything. My solution was the following:


  • Create a session with :
    • Roles and Access set to:
      • All users join as moderators
      • Restrict access to this session
      • Only the course instructor listed as an Assigned role
    • Room Attributes:
      • Allow Guests enabled


Then in the group I can put the guest URL for the relevant students to join the collaborate session (confirmed that this works).


Few little niggles though:


  1. The students still see the restricted session in the scheduling manager (which is linked to for their regular weekly online classes)
  2. When they click on the restricted session they receive the following error message: Failed to launch the session


Why is a session a student does NOT have access to display in the scheduling manager?

Why is the failure message implying an error instead of a more appropriate error "You do not have access to this session"?



Does anyone have an alternative approach for this situation?