Export Courses from app server to file server

Discussion created by ps0046533 on Jul 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2016 by rafael.canelas

My BB environment is Linux and consists of app servers, a file server and a db server. I am trying to export courses on the app server and send them to another server in batches.

I am using the script but it does not let me send the files anywhere but on the drive that the script is run from. It either fails or gives a permission denied. I was told by blackboard that I need to create symbolic link so the tool sees the mapped drive of the file server. I cannot seem to get this to work and they wont/can't show me how to do this.

I need to export them directly from the app server to the file server because there is not enough room on the app server to do it in two steps.

Has anyone found a way to create a symbolic link for a directory on another server, or found a different solution to this problem?