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Blackboard Grade Extract BB - Is it possible to pull grade feedback?

Question asked by jv29155 on Jun 20, 2016

Good morning Blackboard Community!


Our institution purchased the Grade Extract BB solution from Blackboard as a way to collect grade center information based on term. We've been refining the fields that get pulled so that the extract can be filtered and used as a reporting tool for our Dual Credit team. Our Dual Credit team reports grades for students back to the ISDs every 6-8 weeks for UIL eligibility.  In the case where a student might be failing at the 6 weeks, our coordinator would like for the instructor to note (in the general feedback area of the grade column) why the student is failing  (too many missed classes, missed a major test, etc). I submitted a ticket to BBB to see if there was a way to incorporate the feedback area of a grade column into the extract, but we weren't able to come up with a solution. I wanted to reach out to the BB community to see if anyone else is using the Grade Extract tool and if you might have a way to extract the feedback area of a grade center column.


Your help and advice are greatly appreciated!  =)

- Jennifer Virgin

Odessa College