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Error When Creating Courses: File system entry not readable

Question asked by jy0040053 on Jun 16, 2016

We are using Blackboard Learn Release 9.1.201510.1171621.

We have a building block that creates Master Courses. We have some errors that have been showing up in the logs for at least a year. We haven’t noticed a problem with the courses after they are created, but would like to know the source of the errors and remove them from the logs if possible. The errors seem to be related to permissions (FileSystemException: File system entry not readable). If we create the course using an Admin account, we see some “Failed to load fileSystemEntry” errors. But if we create the course as an Instructor, we see more errors and they are followed by a stack trace.

We use a template when creating our courses. We use this same template with SIS integration and are not seeing the errors when we create courses through the integration.

We also have a building block that copies courses, and we are seeing the same sort of errors when we copy. We’re thinking that the original course creation might be missing a folder location, and then the copy sees the same missing location.

The errors in the Instructor log begin with “Debug: Failed to load fileSystemEntry, location: /courses/wl_master_test_instr_jrantz_fall”. This is the repeating error we keep seeing. It is followed by “Debug: blackboard.platform.filesystem.FileSystemException: File system entry not readable: /courses/wl_master_test_instr_jrantz_fall”.

Our Admins verified that this location doesn’t exist, which is why it can’t be read. I believe we are using blackboard.admin.persist.course.CourseSitePersister API at the point when we are getting the error. Interestingly, at the point where it comes out of our code, the logs say blackboard.admin.persist.course.impl.CourseSiteDbPersister.clone( but I see no reference to a CourseSiteDbPersister API. Our code uses the CourseSitePersister and the CourseDbPersister APIs, both of which I can find in the BB Learn documentation.

Has anyone else experienced this error? Can you please help us narrow down the cause of this error?

I've attached the logs from the run as Admin and the run as Instructor. Would greatly appreciate any input. Thank you!