Alternate term starts in IF flat file

Discussion created by hennigan.thomas on Jun 13, 2016
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We currently set our Bb term to start ahead of our first day of classes by five days. So, it's set like this in our integration:



Our terms start on Monday in the fall and summer but the spring term always starts on the Tuesday after the MLK Holiday.

Our administration now wants Bb sections to always become available on the Friday before the regular term starts.

So, my question: Is anyone running an integration with an term code that accommodates a Monday holiday? BtBb's only suggestions (besides engaging consulting) was to hard code the date and change the files each time. We could, I suppose, also run a -3 when it's Monday and -4 when the term starts after MLK Day and just swap out those two. However, I don't want to burden our SIS support team if there's a one-time fix.



Tom H.