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Discussion created by mick536 on Jun 9, 2016
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Hello, all —

I've been using Bb since, I think, 2002.  I've created a mental wish list of improvements I'd like to see on the presentation side of Bb as an instructor/manager.  I thought I'd put my top three here to give some visibility and start a list that others might add to, or get some feedback and a conversation why it can't be done.
  1. First, I'd like the use of internal style sheets.  As most know, internal style sheets exist in the <head> section of HTML.  If you use a <head> section, Bb strips it out, and you're left with only the <body> section, and then you're left with inline-CSS as your only tool. This gets tedious.  And while I've written macros that write the inline-CSS, I'd rather have page-wide control. The only hazard to this would seem to be my own work. So I'm wondering if we could arrange to leave the  <head> <style> </style> </head> in, or put it back.
  2. Second, I'd like to be able to use either the <canvas> or <svg> tags (developer's choice).  I tried to make a simple time-varying schedule for my students, and Bb blew both versions away. My workaround was to link to a htm file and put the information there.  I'd rather have it in Bb and no click required.
  3. Third, I'd like a streamlining of the item “copy and move” routines. My first recommendation is to allow “copy and paste” into the browse location box. For repetitive copying this would be a time saver.  My second recommendation would be to make the default browse list collapsed.  I never
  4. use it expanded.  I collapse it, and then expand the part needed.  Again, a time saver.

Thanks for reading.