Performance issues with Blackboard SOAP WebServices in a Blackboard Application Server cluster

Discussion created by tn29202 on Jun 10, 2016

From BtB I have been told, that there is a fundamental issue/bug regarding Blackboard SOAP WebService calls in a Blackboard Application Server cluster. The issue essentially arises from the inability of a Blackboard Application Cluster to handle "session persistency". This results in a large number of WS calls that fails in "replying".


Below is what I got from BtB:

"You are correct, that is indeed a bug which manifests itself in load-balanced systems. While what you are suggesting could work, what we suggest to other clients who have reported this is to add session persistence to their code. Here is an example of how a workaround was implemented for .NET:

In our .NET code, we added only one line (in bold below), but it made all the difference:


internalContextWS = new ContextWS();
internalContextWS.CookieContainer = new System.Net.CookieContainer();
internalContextWS.Url = baseWebServiceUrl + "/Context.WS";


When instantiating a WebService client end point, we added a cookie container, which automatically enabled the client end point to retain state. That’s what made it work. That line should be added to all Web Services client end-point objects (not only ContextWS).


Unfortunately there is no release where this is resolved. We also can't really help you with developing a web service, which would include session persistence - your best bet is to refer to and seek help there."


So no resolution of this issue is being given - I find that this bug is a major bug, so I tried to get more information as witnessed in the last comment.


Does the Blackboard Community have any code examples of adding "session persistance" to both Java based WS calls or "raw" SOAP based calls - above example was given in the context of .NET...


Just as a note - I am not a developer, therefore if above is expressed in inaccurate terms, please bear with me, and educate me :-)


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