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hosting audio/video in Blackboard and Quicktime reliance

Question asked by lp27461 on Jun 9, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 10, 2016 by dl0046362

Given the recent decision of Apple to discontinue development of Quicktime for windows and newly discovered security vulnerabitlities of Quicktime player for windows ( how others working around or removing the quicktime file type as part of the "Insert/Edit Embedded Media" in the VTBE ?


For context, our institution does not have a dedicated server/service for hosting media files so we've historically stored/hosted media files directly in Blackboard. (we've lobbied for years to change this...but it is what it is) Historically, allowing quicktime player/plugins to take over playback of media content (.mp4,. mov, .mp3) worked OK. Recently when our institution removed Quicktime from all of our supported windows computers-so Quicktime is not an option for anyone using a windows computer in our labs. Additionally, as our users continue to remove quicktime from their own personal computers (based on our recommendation) we're scrambling to implement a new best practice for serving media files.


A few other important details:


  1. We do filter html in Blackboard, so faculty and students don't have the ability to add iframes or scripts to allow permissible files (mp4/Mp3/AAC, etc) to play directly via HTML5 compatible browsers.
  2. We recently adopted Youtube as part Google app for education that should serve as a good outlet for a lot of media centric course material items, but we have certain instances where instructors want the media files (specifically mp3 audio files in several music courses) embedded in their test questions that Youtube isn't a great fit to use (youtube doesn't like just audio, and re-encoding audio files to make them video files seems counterproductive.)


Any insight other can share with how they're working with media files in Blackboard would greatly appreciated!