HTML Pages vs. PDF Files

Discussion created by cindy.bowers on Jun 9, 2016
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Scenario: Instructor insists on creating .html files in Word (lecture notes, for example), then adding to a content area in Blackboard as a Blank Page, where he then attaches the document. He doesn't want to attach a PDF because, well, I don't know why. He's never given me a clear answer why he does not attach Word or PDF files as lecture notes. He's done this for years, and then when he does a course copy he insists that "Blackboard changes/alters my HTML pages. Blackboard often changes characters in html." These are not CSS styled, attractive HTML pages, by the way. The pages display as paragraph after paragraph of Times New Roman font, and you have to scroll wide to read it all, and there might be an occasional table to break up the text.


Does anyone have any suggestions re: the explanation I can give him to make things easier on himself (and students), to discontinue using (unattractive) .html files and instead, attach .pdf or .doc files?

P.S. I have attached a file with examples.


Thank you very much for any input.

Cindy Bowers