Building Block Iteration With The  Portfolio WYSIWYG

Discussion created by my0055371 on Jun 3, 2016

Hi Everybody,

I'm trying to integrate to the portfolio WYSIWYG.

Iv'e manage to do so on a course WYSIWYG(discussions, assignments... )

so my question is what configuration i need to add to my bb-manifest to achive this?

currently i have this on my manifest:

<application handle="mashups-kaltura-lti" is-sys-tool="true" is-course-tool="true" is-org-tool="true" is-group-tool="false" use-ssl="false" name="Kaltura Mashup" can-allow-guest="false" small-icon="" large-icon="">
  <description lang="en_US">Kaltura Mashup</description>
  <type value="vtbe_mashup_course_lti"/>
  <name value="Kaltura Media"/>
  <url value="jsp/mashWindowResizer.jsp?course_id=@X@course.pk_string@X@"/>
   <!--<url value="LtiMashup?resize=true&amp;vtbe=true&amp;course_id=@X@course.pk_string@X@&amp;;mode=embed"/>-->
   <description value="Kaltura Media"/>