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Where's the best place to ask a question about Web Service APIs?

Question asked by chrisboon on Jun 2, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2016 by jb31639

A colleague is working on a web service to extract results from the Grade Centre to display grades in our in-house developed ILP.  In the past we have done this using a SQL script which we run overnight, but we are moving from being self-hosted to Managed Hosting in July, and as such are losing our direct database access.


The previous SQL query extracted all grades and comments from all attempts in our active courses, and stored them in our ILP.  Then, when a student's ILP was visited, this data showed the student's results and any text-based feedback given to them via Blackboard.  Our developer is trying to replicate this using a web service but is finding the APIs quite challenging, and has said the documentation isn't particularly thorough.  Is this the best place to ask developer questions?  I'm wondering if dev gurus like Scott Hurrey or Mark O'Neil monitor these questions... ...or is anyone else doing anything similar, or has experience of web services and their APIs?


Many thanks