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Collab Ultra does not connect when using Chrome

Question asked by scottf on May 31, 2016
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I thought this problem was resolved but turns out it is not. When using the Chrome browser on our university network Ultra sessions time out (i.e. does not connect)


Here are the symptoms so far:


Session connections time out with Chrome (everyone gets the Reconnect prompt).

Sessions DO connect with FireFox and Explorer (although the application sharing feature is not available). Everything works.

In the lower left hand corner of the Ultra screen I can see who I am connecting to (the name appears) so it seems the session is "seeing" the other end but connection times out.


I can launch Ultra sessions using Chrome on my home computer (i.e. not on the university network).


We can launch connections using Bb student over the university wifi and device service provider.


I have cleared the cache in Chrome, uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome but nothing is working.


Suggestions? Ideas?



Scott Forbes

MacEwan University