Using modules on landing pages

Discussion created by chunter on May 27, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2016 by predko

Does anyone know of any plugins that allow academics to add multiple textboxes allowing html code in the org module pages? We are keen to have landing pages look (something) like this:


I can direct the landing page to the org module, but it's so incredibly limited in our installation. We have a single 'textpad' in which the title can't be changed, and which won't accept some html, can't have multiple text/html pads, limited modules...etc etc Yet these features seem like they are possible in Bb given the video above.


Does anyone know of additional plugins for the org module (to be used in course sites, not on the dashboard)? In particular, we're after one where we can have multiple text boxes, where the heading can be changed. I'd be interested in your thoughts regarding this, and what is (and isn't) possible.


Many thanks