RenderingHook use cases

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Based on the information in this thread, RenderingHook will be replaced by an alternate model in the future, definitely in Ultra and possibly in 9.1. Let's share our more significant use cases in this thread for reference to make sure Mark and friends know what it's used it for. I'll keep a list with summaries in this topic.


  • EesySoft: Contextual help tool for instructors.


JavaScript Hacks

  • Add Enrollments: Modifies the Add Enrollments page of a course to remove certain Course Roles from the list based on privilege. Also cleans up the interface.
  • Enhanced Course Manager: Modifies the Course Manager page to add shortcuts and save time when searching.
  • Verbose Errors: Modifies the error.jsp page to show relevant parts of the stack trace, if it exists.
  • Spell Check Bugfix: Executes some JavaScript in the VTBE a few seconds after loading in order to remove superflous <span> tags.