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Collaborate Ultra - Connectivity Issues

Question asked by on May 12, 2016
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Has anyone had connectivity issues when using Collaborate Ultra? I've had issues using it from within a course where invitees using the Guest link couldn't join. It might have been because they weren't enrolled into the course. I believe there was a bug and I'm not sure if Bb has resolved it.


I had another experience where all the invitees were able to join but I couldn't as the moderator. I switched over to our SaaS version and that one did work. Today I was using the SaaS version and an attendee couldn't join. It kept spinning with join in the Chat box. Eventually, she had multiple joins happening since she kept trying to get in. She was eventually able to join using Collaborate app on phone but the picture quality was terrible. Even when I join as the moderator, it can't connect right away and I have to click reconnect.


I had called the Collaborate  support number and after waiting on hold for over 20 minutes, he couldn't give me any clue to what the issue might have been. He told me to call when it happens. Sure, as I'm trying to run a webinar and I'm on hold. He told me he was the only one that answers the phones. He wanted an error message but there really wasn't one.


Just wondering if anyone else was experiencing similar issues and if they were able to resolve them.