Test monitoring?

Discussion created by cw31362 on May 12, 2016
Latest reply on May 19, 2016 by shawn.brewer

We're looking to create a physical Testing Center specifically designed to deter cheating. While the lockdown browser is always an option, it has its own limitations that we'd rather not deal with. My current plan is to set up computers in the testing center thusly:


  1. The only usable application is Firefox, and the only accessible website is our Blackboard instance. Firefox is limited to having only one window/tab open at a time.
  2. Using either JSHack or a Greasemonkey script, show warning messages to students if they try to navigate outside a test before it completes.
  3. Using standard monitoring software such as Net Nanny, see if the students visited any non-test URLs while their attempt was in progress.
  4. Set an IP filter on the desired test to make sure a friend doesn't log in to take the test elsewhere.
  5. For extra security, set a password on the test and only give it out in the room once all phones and devices have been collected.


Thoughts? Feedback? Anybody else have good practices or methods to share?