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Discussion created by jb31639 on May 5, 2016
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My line manager has just explained Blackboard Communities to me (modules, tabs etc in Blackboard). I didn't appreciate the difference between Communities and Learn. I've produced a few B2 plugins now and was looking at how to customise our home page a bit more (see attached image). I've crossed out some of the test tabs as they're just for us in elearning. The arrow at the bottom indicates we have more widgets (As we have modules (e.g. chemistry 101) this was confusing so renamed to widgets) related to learning (links to modules etc).


I realise now why the new student app doesn't contain our home dashboard page -it's part of Communities not Learn. We have a dashboard/header block which displays the top things a student needs (timetables, email, library as identified in surveys) and below the fold are also direct links to their modules (courses e.g maths 101)


Will Communities be part of a mobile app or is it specifically for the desktop/browser


The tabs (home tab) in this example allow me to add B2 plugins to the dashboard and we have a mixture of bespoke and borrowed from Blackboard.


What I'd like to do is create a tab which had a more customised layout. How can I edit the layout. I've downloaded the theme from the community but this appears to be just CSS rather than HTML. Ideally I'd add something like twitter bootstrap and add B2 plugins to specific grids in that. I'm thinking this isn't possible? Anyone tried this?


The alternative might be to create a course tool and add everyone to the course. It looks like I can customise the html in the JSP/servlet and leave out all the navigation, header and footer -this might be a bad idea? I'm not sure if i could set a course tool as the default page on login? A course tool would appear in the mobile app I think?


I suppose I'm trying to make Blackboard a portal with a responsive theme but not sure if this is possible with Communities or a Course tool?


Just wondering if anyone else is thinking about this. The alternative is to buy/develop a separate portal/cms tools and pull the information from Blackboard into that.