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Send emails to students via the Full Grade Centre

Question asked by hkalant on May 4, 2016

Good afternoon,


A Undergraduate Student Administrator from a Faculty at the University of Bristol (UK) reported this:


There were 4 students in the Full Grade Centre. She checked the boxes in front of each student and then selected "Email Selected Users". In the 'Send Email' screen, the 4 students' names were correctly displayed in the 'To:' field. After she filled in the 'Subject' and 'Message' fields (she didn't check the 'Include list of recipients' option), she clicked 'Submit' and she got a blue 'success' ribbon saying that many more students were notified and not only the 4 that were supposed to be notified.


Some students replied back to confirm that they received the email, while in reality they shouldn't.


(Please note that the 4 students that were supposed to be notified, were also part of different smart views)


We were not able to replicate this error. But has anyone from the Blackboard Community ever come across this?


Any help hugely appreciated.


Many thanks,