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Adding webpages to SafeAssign's Internet Database?

Question asked by pelleya on May 3, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2017 by dennisd

My question:

Can I add a webpage to the "Internet Database" in SafeAssign?


The scenario:

I had a student who plagiarized some material.  There were some passages that SafeAssign did not highlight as plagiarized, but a quick internet search led me to the page that the student copied.  This means that the copied webpage is not in the SafeAssign "Internet Database."  The same happened with a few pdf files posted to the internet.


My current workaround:

I know that I can download the pdf or webpage (by printing to pdf) and upload the file to my "Institutional Database," even though this is a document that is openly accessibly from the internet.  When uploaded to the "Institutional Database," SafeAssign marks the file as belonging to me.  Since I cannot attach notes or comments to the file, I have no method of referencing the work unless I attach the reference directly to the pdf.  I would like to avoid attaching comments directly to the original pdf, since this is alters the presentation of the original authors work, thus it feels like graffiti.  Even with this, I am left with SafeAssign assigning me credit for the work even though it is not my work, i.e. I need to come dangerously close to plagiarism in order to detect and accurately report plagiarism.  Since the document is from the internet, I ask:


Can I add a webpage (or somehow request a webpage to be added) to the "Internet Database" in SafeAssign?