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Weighted Grade Calculations

Question asked by jd37885 on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 31, 2016 by mzimmer

An instructor posed this question to me recently:

"The total weighted grade in Blackboard is different than the grade I calculate by hand. Sometimes it's higher, and sometimes it's lower, so there is no consistency.

I checked the categories and their weights, and they are correct. I tend to round up to the thousandth when I do my hand calculations. I could understand if BB was consistently lower than my calcs or consistently higher, but it's so varied.

Anyway, is there a reason why this is?"

I verified that all columns were included in their specified categories, the columns within each category were to be weighted equally, only one GC column had points awarded in excess of the possible points for that item (this 3 point overage was counted as extra credit/bonus by the instructor), no grades had been entered as a Letter (which Bb would calc at the median for the given letter grade) and worked out a few sample weighted totals from her course and arrived at the same figures as the instructor. 

Please see attached example of points earned with Bb weighted total and hand calculated totals - does anyone know how Bb is figuring these weighted totals?



Any thoughts/feedback are appreciated.