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Customising TinyMCE using the bbNG customConfig tag

Question asked by malcolm.murray on May 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 17, 2017 by ru0040811

The textbox element in the bbNG tag library has undergone a lot of changes, with many of the variables now flagged as deprecated. I am currently playing with an Oct 2014 build.
I am trying to replicate a layout that I used to generate using the isRow2collapsed and isRow3collapsed field, but these are now deprecated. Basically I want to offer some simple text formatting functions, but not all the attachments, images, etc. links.

I have been experimenting with the customConfig field which offers the opportunity to use the new WYSIWYG editor (c.f. selecting isSpellcheckOnly) but I have experienced very mixed results. I was wondering if this is properly documented anywhere?

The docs have the cryptic comment

A list of functions/tools are located in an enum list TinyMceFunction found in the TinyMceConfig class.
Does anyone know where that is?

It goes on to say

The list of available tinyMce configurable settings are located at:

Sadly that just points to a very general part of the TinyMCE documentation.

This page looks like it might be what I want: TinyMCE - Buttons/controls

but it seems that not all the variables defined work. For example 'super' is recognised as the superscript button, but 'sub' is not :-(


My sample code looks like this - not all the tags here are standard tags, but I have found that sometimes you can get away with just the start of the word - i.e. variable names are based on a unique match. It seems that unmatched tags are just ignored.:

<bbNG:textbox name="body_"






                          helpText="Enter any text here that you want to appear below the name"


I have tried removing the supportEmbed field - it made no difference :-(

Here is an example of what I get - note how some buttons (e.g. code) are just ignored:

Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 13.39.37.png

Any suggestions gratefully received :-)