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Status of Group Discussion Posts Course Copy Article - Article No.: 000034103

Question asked by tp36301 on Apr 27, 2016
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I think that this problem should be considered to actually be fixed in an upcoming, release or cumulative update (see Article No.: 000034103). 


However, the article references April 2015 which was never released and this is apparently not fixed in Q4 2015. 


If this could be considered to be fixed in a future release, that would be great since this affects course copies with group discussions in them.


We have seen this problem with other group tools in course copies behaving similarly to this.


In addition, if the article could be updated to state more recent releases affected (like Q4 2015 and Q2 2016), that would be great.




Toni P.


Group Discussion Posts Copy when Selecting No Starter Posts in Course Copy

Date Published: Sep 26,2014 Category: Planned First Fix Release:Blackboard Learn April 2015 Release; Product:Communication Tools,Extensions; Version:9.1 SP13 (9.1.130093.0),9.1 SP14 (9.1.140152.0),Learn April 2014 (9.1.201404.160205),Learn October 2014 (9.1.201410.160373) Article No.: 000034103


Product: Blackboard Learn

Release: 9.1

Service Pack: 9.1 SP13 (9.1.130093.0), 9.1 SP14 (9.1.140152.0), Learn April 2014 (9.1.201404.160205), Learn October 2014 (9.1.201410.160373)


Issue Description: When copying a course with Groups and Group Discussion Boards, all of the forums are copied into the new course even when the "Include only the forums, with no starter posts" option is selected.

Steps to Replicate:

  1. Log in to Blackboard as an Administrator.
  2. Navigate into a Course with Group Discussion Boards.
  3. Copy the course into a new course > Be sure to select Include only the forums, with no starter posts and Group Settings.
Expected Result: Only the forums copy.


Observed Result: All forums and posts copy.







Target Release: Blackboard Learn April 2015 Release
Patch Available: No