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Crocodoc rendering not working in two of our courses

Question asked by dc23832 on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 27, 2016 by gw0046349

We’re having issues with Crocodoc rendering student submissions.  Two courses refuse to render 90% or more of the submissions.  The file is received, it’s just crocodoc that doesn’t display it, instead displaying something like:

“This file is being converted.  The estimated waiting time is 9338 seconds.”


Two issues arise:

  1. It is increasing student apprehension at an already very apprehensive time;
  2. We can’t mark online.


… with the subsequent fallout on student opinions of our systems, staff inboxes getting stuffed with student submissions, issues around which version to mark (submitted or emailed), increasing pressure on faculty, and delays getting marks back to students.


Do colleagues here have /had similar experiences with crocodoc?


On 19th April we upgraded to assignment building block version 2.6.1173798.  Our previous version (that we had no issue with) was 2.6.1173155.


I spent a few hours testing 2.6.1173798, going through and documenting a complete assignment lifecycle for 10 assignments for 3 test students – but didn’t come across this issue – so am a little miffed.


So – please let me know – even if you have no problems with 1000s of submissions – please let us know.


Very kindest regards

David Callaghan

Edge Hill University