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How Do You Handle Legal Records Requests?

Question asked by ab32196 on Apr 26, 2016



We very frequently have requests from business and legal teams for student records of course activity and participation including private messaging sent from and to instructors or other class mates. Discussion activity is pretty simple, we can pull that information from the Database. I'm assuming that is the same for private journals and blogs as well. What we are finding very difficult to provide is the Course Messaging tool data. It seems like Blackboard stores that in the NFS system and splits messages into multiple files that have similar 36 character codes attached.


Do you have an application you developed outside of Blackboard to harvest this information? Have you found any clever tips or tricks to get this? Maybe it is stored in the database and I'm just not looking in the right place? Does Blackboard have a solution for this situation? It does not seem entirely uncommon of a request, I feel like surely other institutions have similar workflows.


Let me know what you think! Thanks for your time.



-Anthony B.

Capella University