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B2 + Spring Framework + Custom SQL Queries

Question asked by er0042361 on Apr 22, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by shane

I am creating an assessment building block using Spring Framework. I want to be able to run custom queries on the Blackboard Database to get answers to some common questions (ie: number of courses that utilize their gradebook, content area, blogs, etc). Every example I have come across handles the queries within the .jsp file. I would like to perform this logic within my java controller for the .jsp view, using the spring building block API.



Inside the controller, Is there a way to build a query, execute it, format the results, and then, display the results in the .jsp view?



So far, all of my experience with the open DB has been around persisting users, and extracting course and enrollment information. So analytics is a bit new to me. I am currently reading a document on how to navigate the openDB, and structure the queries, it is now just a matter of figuring out a method to implement the custom queries I need.



If you have a questions, concerns, or suggestions, please let me know!



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