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SIS Integration IMS LIS 2.0 Final - Field Mapping Custom Scripts

Question asked by jj37156 on Apr 21, 2016
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Our university is moving from a legacy SIS to Ellucian's Banner SIS. During this process we will be implementing SIS Integration to our Blackboard system. Some information in the XML files needs to be modified for proper presentation of information to users. I have been able to write simple custom scripts in the field mapping area under advanced configuration for the integration. I am having a problem though with creating a custom script to address institution roles, both primary and secondary. Within the Users xml file the primary institution role is not specified. Users are brought over listing each institution role that they have within the Banner system. It is possible for some users to exist with the following institution roles assigned to them:  Faculty, Staff, Student and Prospective Student. I've created a custom script to identify the primary institution role and a second custom script to define the secondary institution roles. The problem however is that I cannot figure out the reference handle to extract the data from the xml file to process within the custom scripts.


I have created a number of different references using the 'getter' convention with no luck. Some examples of what I have tried include:





I've even made some attempts using the 'bean' notation with no luck.


Since the primary institution role is not defined in the xml data I am assuming that all the roles will appear under the secondary institution data. I am also assuming that when I do get the correct handle to this information I will be working with a list (array) (getSecondaryInstitutionRoles() method - Modifier and Type:  java.util.List<InstitutionRole>) of information. Working with lists is new to me


While I am looking for a solution to this specific issue I would be very appreciative of any references of materials to help me deepen my understanding of working with data in these xml files.


Thanks in advance,


Joe Jirka

LMS Administrator

Lewis University