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LTI launch parameter in Learn

Question asked by turbett on Apr 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2018 by mr0046300

Question: Using Learn's LTI features from Building Blocks > LTI Tool Providers, how do I modify the launch_presentation_document_target option to consistently force an LTI Launch to a new window?



Specifically with the October 2014 release, I have inconsistencies while launching an LTI link. Independent of Browsers, in some launches I catch "launch_presentation_document_target=frame" and in other "launch_presentation_document_target=window". I need it to consistently open in a new window.


The placements are a mix between student_tools and content_types (specifically tools and assessments) but in all instances in Learn, there's no option to force a new window.



Learn Version:

    • April 2014
    • October 2014
    • 9.1 2015 Q4 release
  • Using the Basic-LTI B2 works, but is not acceptable for my use-case
  • Custom parameters are sent and received but interpreted as a custom parameter by the Tool Consumer so adding "launch_presentation_document_target=window" ends up being useless
  • Tool Provider Launch link is in the same format for all instances
  • Web Inspector shows that the tool link from the course menu contains "target=_self" but modifying that opens a new tab, with the LTI within the Blackboard frame
  • SafeHTML tools are enabled and set to default settings
  • When the content loads I see this: <iframe id="contentFrame" style="display: block; width: 100%; height: 471px;" frameborder="0" name="content" title=" " src="/webapps/blackboard/execute/blti/launchPlacement?blti_placement_id=_5_1&amp;course_id=_2_1&amp;mode=cpview&amp;wrapped=true&amp;globalNavigation=false"></iframe>