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System role with student preview access?

Question asked by kaitlinmwalsh on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2016 by cw31362

Hi folks (apologies for cross-posting):


We'd like to create a system role for an administrator who is able to search for and enter courses, but can only view them from the student preview (no access to grades).  We thought we made it work, but when the user attempts to download a file, we see an "access denied" message.  I assume this is because we don't have guest access enabled, and the student preview seems to take on the permissions associated with that user.


Has anyone been able to successfully create a role that allows course access without showing grades?  What permissions should we have enabled to do that?  Or has anyone tried another approach?


We are on the April 2014 release.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated.


Many thanks!

Kaitlin Walsh

American International College