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cannot seem to get launch settings "within frameset" to work with a scorm package I have imported.

Question asked by rlemmon on Apr 13, 2016

the scorm online course will open and work.  But I want the blackboard navigation and frameset to still be visible.  I do not want it to open in a new window.  Anyone have this same issue in Blackboard, and found a resolution to the issu,  how did you get it to work?  for now the scorm package will open and take over the entire screen, see

I want it to open more like in the screenshot below, eitquett-care for the course... opens within the frameset and allow the navigation TOC to be visable.


Launching Content

All SCORM content must be web-deliverable and all SCORM communication occurs within the context of a web browser session. The LMS will launch one SCO at a time, as selected by the user, or as determined by SCORM 2004 sequencing rules. In versions prior to SCORM 2004 3rd Edition, there were no formal requirements for the user interface provided by an LMS. Every LMS is slightly different, but for the most part, it is fair to expect an LMS to provide an interface similar to the one pictured below. At a minimum, it should contain some form of navigable table of contents as well as controls for flow navigation (previous and next buttons). These navigational elements control the navigation between SCOs. If navigation is needed within a SCO, the SCO must provide its own navigational elements.


The LMS has two options for launching a SCO. It can either launch the SCO in a frameset (as pictured above), or it can launch the SCO in a new window. Some LMS’s will always launch content one way or the other. Commonly though, if a course only contains one SCO (and thus doesn’t require and navigational elements from the LMS), the SCO will be launched in a popup window. Conversely, if the course contains many SCOs, then the LMS will commonly launch the SCOs in a frameset surrounded by navigational elements. Some LMS’s will allow the content authors to control precisely how SCOs are launched, which navigational elements are available and even the size of the SCO windows.