Feedback on Roadmap sessions for April 6 & 7, 2016

Discussion created by ks27590 on Apr 8, 2016
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I would like to say thank you to Wade, David, and Dan for their roadmap presentations and appreciate the other members of the Blackboard team who were there responding to comments and questions. 


I do wish to share my reaction to the slides about the "Range of Different Instructors with Different Needs".  I believe these were slides 44-58, transitioning to the Ultra experience.  I have questions as to how this workflow would indeed work and be beneficial to any institution?  The structural operation of Learn Original (Learn 9.1) and Ultra are different enough that to try and mesh "Getting Started", "Middle of the Road" and "Power Users" would be a logistical impossibility. 


Is this plan to move everything to the Ultra entry structure (Activity Stream, Courses, Calendar, Grades, Tools), and then inside of courses, have the option for either Original or Ultra?

If so, that is a major shift in institutional operation and was not clearly articulated.  This would put a tremendous about of work on the GUI administrators and double-duty the instructional designers now having to design in 2 vastly different course structures. 


I am also struggling to understand how this type of workflow supports the learners?  At the beginning of the presentation, it was stated the desire to support the learner.  I totally support that!   However, from a learner's perspective, how can they be successful if in their course load they are taking courses taught be each a "Getting Started" (using Ultra), "Middle of the Road" (using Original) and "Power User" (using Original)  The entire reason to have an established learning management system is to have some continuity for the learners as well as the instructors.


I would appreciate additional information from the Blackboard team explaining this new vision.


Thank you for your attention.