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What additional permission need to be set for this kind of error when using User.WS

Question asked by kh32344 on Apr 6, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 15, 2018 by ta0070620

Here is the problem when calling User.WS getUser(),


('Could not get users for course', '_440370_1')

Server raised fault: '[WSFW004]<b>Access Denied</b><br>Access to this resource is prohibited. (system.user.VIEW)'


We have given this Web Service requestor the following permissions in system role, and he enrolled in course '_440370_1'

Course/Organization Control Panel (Users and Groups) > Users

Administrator Panel (Users) > Users

Administrator Panel (Users) > Users > Edit > View Course Enrollments


Administrator Panel (Users) > Users > Search, Not Blank

Administrator Panel (Users) > Users > Edit > View Organization Enrollments

User management by Web Services


Even more strange, it is a hit and miss situation. Sometimes, the program runs without problem, sometimes, it throws the error. We have multiple frontend servers sit behind the load balancer and we are managing hosted.