Goals & Alignments - Reports vs. Goal Performance Dashboard

Discussion created by srichter on Apr 5, 2016
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I've been doing some prep-work for a department that wants to look into gathering data on student achievement related to their accreditation criteria, and simultaneously testing out the new Goal Performance Dashboard. I noticed there were some differences in the types of alignments that were included on the Coverage and Performance reports vs. the Goal Performance Dashboard, and summarized them in a table. Goals & Alignments - Reports vs. Goal Performance Dashboard Note that this is not complete - there are alignments available that I did not test, such as to folders or learning modules.


Essentially, it seems that alignments to a rubric overall, or to specific criteria on a rubric, do not appear on a Course Coverage Report or on the Course Performance report (as run from an individual course). However, rubric criteria DO appear on the Goal Performance Dashboard. Alignments to Assignments and Tests overall only appear on the dashboard if there are not more discrete items aligned as part of an Assignment or Test. If an Assignment is associated with a rubric, and individual rubric criteria are aligned, the rubric alignments take precedence. The same is true of whether test questions are aligned.


This makes complete sense, but confused me for a good part of this morning. I'm actually quite pleased with how they work, once I figured it out. I thought I might share my struggle, so that others don't repeat the same!