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Trouble Registering Web Service Proxy Tool

Question asked by mhood on Apr 4, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 18, 2016 by rj0049832

A plea for help from someone at Princeton - I am passing on the message:


We are trying to register a tool that wants to use the web services in our 9.1 managed hosting Blackboard site. We are using Stephen Vicker’s PHP libraries, which have worked perfectly in the past.  We are passing the following to Blackboard (passwords have been changed to protect the guilty!):


>stdClass Object
>    [clientVendorId] => Princeton University
>    [clientProgramId] => AddUser
>    [registrationPassword] => something-obscure
>    [description] => A tool to allow authroized users to add other users to a Blackboard course.
>    [initialSharedSecret] => something-obscure
>    [requiredToolMethods] => Array
>        (
>            [0] => CourseMembership.WS:getCourseMembership
>            [1] => CourseMembership.WS:saveCourseMembership
>        )



All it is returning is "WSDoAllReceiver: security processing failed." We’ve checked, and the passwords match between the tool and the BB system.  This looks like some kind of SOAP error.  Has anyone else seen this, and, better yet, knows how to fix it?  I checked Google, and there are some articles about a required Timestamp, but Stephen’s code appears to be adding  timestamp.  Thanks,


Serge Goldstein, Princeton University


p.s.  We are able to access the WSDL file on the Blackboard server with no problems.