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Discussion created by kh32344 on Mar 31, 2016
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Learning from Scott's article- (Get Course Announcements With Python - Blackboard Help)  I did some experiment on Gradebook Web Service, I will post my python code here for anyone who wants to give it a shot. My code is very preliminary, after I initialized gradebook ws, I called getGrades.  it will spit out something like if you run


   _type = ""

   averageScore = 0.0

   columnId = "_259_1"

   courseId = None

   exempt = False

   expansionData[] =



   firstAttemptId = None

   grade = "67.0"

   highestAttemptId = None

   id = None

   instructorComments = None

   lastAttemptId = None

   lowestAttemptId = None

   manualGrade = "67.0"

   manualScore = 67.0

   memberId = "_175_1"

   schemaGradeValue = "67.00"

   shortInstructorComments = None

   shortStudentComments = None

   status = 1

   studentComments = None

   userId = None


I am hoping many of you who have experience on gradebook WS will share your code snippet as well to shed some light to our developer folks . I feel that it is a long journey to understand the existing documentation in order to accomplish a very simple thing.  For example, I don't quite understand why I need to set the scoreFilter.filterType = '1' not something else to get the result. (I tried to set to other value,  it threw out errors. ) (


scoreFilter = gradebookWS.factory.create('ns4:ScoreFilter')

        scoreFilter.filterType = '1'


I hope someone can give an explanation.  Or to share their approach to tackle the problems when using any Web Service. 

The source code and the output are attached.