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Question for any A4L users

Question asked by jo32204 on Mar 28, 2016
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Hi everyone,


I have a question for any fellow A4L users reading this.  We've found an issue with running the integrated "Activity and Grade Scatter Plot" report.  If an instructor sets a column with manually entered grades as the External Grade, then the Y values (Grade Center Score %) for this report all show up as 0.  I opened a ticket, and support replied that this is working as expected, that the external grade MUST be a calculated column, else this is the result you will get.  I find that hard to accept, and don't really understand why that would be.  The manually entered grades are all numeric, so why can't the report just spit out the number in the column?  Some faculty just want total control over the final grade, with the ability to add/remove a few points outside of the calculations as he or she deems fit. 


Anyone else have to deal with this issue?