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LTI Partner to enable SSO from BB to Career Cruising

Question asked by Donna.Hedges on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by Donna.Hedges

What we want to do:  We are moving from Angel 8.0 and are able to have the student login to Angel, click on a link and it takes them to their account on Career

This was done with a customization that I upload data into a table with the student's account and guid for that account.

Our verision  in Bblearn is 9.1 Oct14 (we will be upgrading to Q4 April1) the student's username is a network id that is assigned to them and their student account for Career Cruising is in the student id field

example bb Username jdoe01                  Career Cruising account is 19456704

               bb Student Id is 19456704         Career Cruising guid is  00c0c41a-32db-469d-aed7-0e764f800d0f

We have the LTI setup but when the student clicks on the link in BbLearn it only goes to  (not the student's account)

We are hosted and are a K-12 district

The above is to give you information on what we are trying to do.

The problem is below


We are attempting to set up an LTI partner to enable SSO from Bb to Career Cruising but getting an error during
the initial LTI configuration

2 main concerns

1- mapping a template variable from learn to career cruising

2- most importantly when attempting to access the link from Learn the following message is returned: Message returned is: {"Message":"The
requested resource does not support http method 'GET'."}

Third Party Provider believes this should be a post request not a get request

Career Cruising has no configurations currently with any blackboard clients but is able to do this with Canvas LMS


The following is a reply from

Simon Eiser (Career Cruising) reply
It’s the LTI specification that recommends the POST (as opposed to the GET).  We have followed this recommendation for security reasons, and so
far everyone’s system seems to be adhering to this.  We work under the assumption that vendors have built their applications to the specification
provided.  To make this work, BlackBoard would need to build their application to the appropriate spec and send the request as a post. 

Here is the

See section 3:
This section describes the data items that are passed as part of the POST data when a Basic LTI launch is performed.  Very few of the fields are
technically required as each Tool Provider may have different requirements.  Some TPs may see the fields in the launch as information to
be gathered for tracking and others may need highly detailed and precise information to perform high-stakes activities and reliably and securely return
high-stakes results from those activities.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.Donna Hedges
Jefferson County Public Schools, Louisville, KY