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Hi folks...Mike Sharkey again.  Thanks for all of the chatter over the last month on this forum.  I wanted to post an update since we hosted a roadmap webinar the other week.  If you're interested and weren't able to join, here's a link to the recording: http://tiny.cc/bba2016q1 .  And yes, the guy who sounds like Kermit the Frog is me.  :-|


I wanted to share one of the more salient points from the webinar.  That is, our Blackboard Analytics product portfolio is no longer just one thing.  In the past, "Blackboard Analytics" was our suite of data warehouse products.  Today, Blackboard Analytics covers the following:

  • Blackboard Intelligence (the data warehouse products, including A4L)
  • Blackboard Predict (our retention analytics offering formerly known as Blue Canary)
  • X-Ray (our Moodlerooms classroom analytics product)


The slide below shows all three products in the portfolio.  I know that anytime one changes nomenclature, it can be confusing.  I try to make clarity of communications paramount for our group, and I hope this message is as clear as can be.  I'm happy to respond or answer any related questions in this forum or directly.  Thanks,





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