Custom code for Blackboard form buttons..?

Discussion created by spinjector on Mar 23, 2016
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I'm a student at Erie Community College in Buffalo NY, which uses the Blackboard system, especially for the many "online only" classes that are offered. I'm unfamiliar with any parts of BB other than the student interface, but I do understand the instructors have some additional content editing controls that I've only seen when my instructor uses them while her laptop screen is up on the projector. It reminds me of the WordPress system, which I used to design with at a company I used to work for.


Our instructors create upload pages for assignments, and I see an opportunity for a customization that would make everyone's lives easier, both the instructors and the students. I'd like to know if the buttons for uploading assignments can be customized with some Javascript, Java, of VB code behind them...?? To be more specific, there are buttons that say "Browse My Computer" and "Browse Content Collection", and I'd like to add a new one called, "Choose Eclipse Project".


The new button would be only for our Java programming classes, to streamline the process of uploading, downloading, and correcting homework assignments, which as it stands now is overly complicated for both the students and the instructors. The code behind it would be some simple client-side scripting, perhaps in JavaScript or whatever language would be suggested. It would have two parts, the upload code and some even simpler download code that would mostly be MIME type info to open the downloaded file in a certain program with certain specific command-line switches.


I've attached an annotated screenshot to give an idea of what I have in mind.


Is this type of customization possible?