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Blackboard Collaborate for iPhone

Question asked by ay0047341 on Mar 17, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by ay0047341

I downloaded BlackboardCollaborate Mobile on my iPhone 5 and emailed myself a link to join a session for my course shell.  When I paste the url into the box, enter my name and click "join session", it forwards the log in to the actual website and says my url is invalid in Safari.  I tried using Chrome on my phone, and the same thing occurred.  Both Safari and Chrome give me a message that forces me to download Bb Student app in order to join the session.  The Bb Student app forces me to log in via my institution, which then the Collaborate session loads properly, via Bb Student.  My only issue is that if I invite guest speakers, they would not be able to access the Collaborate app without the Bb Student app, and that would be problematic since they are not students.  My supervisor tried the Collaborate app on his Android and it worked fine.  Any idea what I can do to use BlackboardCollaborate Mobile on my iPhone without the Bb Student app?  I'm pretty sure my iOS version is up to date too.