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Renaming Courses

Question asked by garaya on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2016 by jkelley_blackboard

Is it possible to rename or assign nicknames or aliases to courses? I would like to keep courses for my current and one past term active, so I can easily refer to what I did last quarter. The snag is that since the courses have the same name, it is hard to distinguish between them in the menus, especially in the "recently visited" quick select menu, which I use often. If I gamble and choose the wrong course in that menu, it stays in there for me to mis-select again and again. Having nicknames or aliases for courses that are more personally descriptive would we great. e.g. "8am Senior II" and "11am Senior II" instead of "ANIM-448-04-20490.201620: Senior Animation Project II-ANIM-448-04" and "ANIM-448-05-20491.201620: Senior Animation Project II-ANIM-448-05."