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Connecting Blackboard to ADFS 3.0 SAML SSO

Question asked by cdeville on Mar 16, 2016
Latest reply on May 12, 2017 by jkelley_blackboard

So this may be a tall order, but I am hoping someone has gone through this recently and gotten it to work. We are trying to get our Blackboard to use an ADFS SAML SSO. I have been told that this is similar to a Shibboleth setup. There is no direct ADFS documentation, I am told by Blackboard.


What I am hoping, really hoping, is that someone on Managed Hosting has done this. Perhaps you can provide me with a helpful case # to reference.


Also helpful would be a set of steps that you used to set it up on your self hosted environment.


Mostly, I am trying to look at the steps someone has gone through so I can gather the required information on my end and move forward.


Thank you all in advance, as always.



Edit, edit:
I've since gotten documentation on how to configure ADFS, step-by-step. I've gotten a few requests for this so I'm just attaching it here. Seems when you search for ADFS and Blackboard, it points to this post. Might as well make it easy for everyone!

Please note that you'll need to be on Q2 2016 to get the ADFS option to show up in authentication.




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