Collaborate Ultra for Interactive Live Streaming

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Hi all, just wanted to share our workflow and a specific use case we tried this weekend for a professional development event.  Twice a year the university runs Faculty Development Day, which is an all day workshop/speaker event.  We have been using Collaborate Classic for years to create "hybrid" workshops in some of the sessions, using either a wireless lav or a conference mic to bring the in-room audio and PPT presentations to online attendees.  For the keynote speakers though we have used more traditional video live streaming, which is more of a one-way video experience.  This weekend we used Collaborate Ultra for all of the hybrid workshop sessions (which worked well, as expected) but we also tried using Ultra to create an interactive live streaming experience.  We used an HDMI to USB device from Magewell to convert the video from our camera to a directshow/UVC compliant video signal which is recognized by Ultra just like a webcam.  Then we ran the program audio output from our auditorium PA into the camera (which we normally do for any video event - we take house audio whenever possible.)  The experience worked very well (screenshots attached) and allowed us to have a great interactive video experience in Collaborate Ultra but with the flexibility of using professional video and audio gear.


This is the device we use to turn the HDMI signal into USB:

Magewell - USB Capture HDMI


For anyone who is interested in the technical workflow, we shoot on Panasonic PX-270 cameras, and run XLR program audio into the camera via the house PA output.  We then run SDI video with embedded audio out to the podium then convert the SDI with embedded audio to HDMI via an up/down/cross converter.  (You could skip this step if you had a short run that could be all HDMI straight from the camera or switcher, but I wouldn't trust HDMI more than 50 feet.)  The HDMI output goes into the USB capture device which appears in Ultra just like a webcam input.  I have also tested it with our mobile switcher output (which is a similar SDI workflow) and it also worked perfectly.  (We didn't do a multi-cam setup this weekend though.)