interest in Learn 9.1 userscripts?

Discussion created by cw31362 on Mar 7, 2016
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Over the last few months I've amassed/developed a collection of simple Greasemonkey scripts to make things easier for Learn 9.1 administrators. They are usable with a simple free browser extension, do not require backend access to the environment, and only function for administrators on that environment. Here are a few of the scripts I've written:


  • Course Search: Blackboard's default search parameter in the Course Manager is Course Name, but administrators generally need to search by ID more often than name. This script adds a search bar (auto-focused upon page load) that searches by ID.
  • Enrollment Editor: When adding users to a course manually, the process is annoying -- click Browse, wait for the window to open, search for a user, check the box, click Submit. This script streamlines the process significantly and opens the user search area in an iframe instead of having to deal with opening a new window for every search.
  • Term Creation: Allows administrators to specify the when creating a Term from the GUI.
  • Module Edits: Easy access to editing a module's properties or contents. Clicking on the title of a module takes you the module's Properties page, where another easy link will take you to the Edit Contents page if you so desire. Especially useful when setting up new Communities pages and need to make constant edits.


I've been considering opening these scripts up for general use. Is there sufficient interest for me to do so?


Furthermore, does anybody have any ideas/suggestions for new scripts to streamline tedious processes or fix issues?